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Layal Bahnam

Layal Bahnam is a program manager at Maharat Foundation. Bahnam is a journalist by profession. She has been working as a reporter, producer and presenter in the Lebanese public broadcast and other satellite TVs. Her educational background is law. Bahnam’s work in Maharat also includes resource production and regular training workshops for young and professional journalists in areas such as inclusive journalism and communication strategies, as well as leading advocacy actions to reform media laws and support internet freedom.

ليال بهنام، درست المحاماة وامتهنت الصحافة. عملت في تلفزيون لبنان ومحطات اخرى. هي حالياً مديرة المشاريع في مؤسسة مهارات. تعمل على اعداد مواد بحثية وتدريب الصحفيين على اعلام التنوع، استراتيجيات التواصل، والمناصرة لاصلاح قوانين الاعلام ودعم حرية الانترنت

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