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Olena Trybushna

I have been working in media for about 10 years. I was lucky to start my career at the best and most influential Ukrainian magazine and website at the time called Korrespondent. With the coming of President Yanukovich to power, one of his political allies bought Korrespondent, and most of my colleagues quit. It was obvious that censorship and political pressure would be inevitable under the new owners. So, our journalistic team had no other choice than to start a new project. We did that 2.5 years ago. It was a brand-new magazine and website, started from the scratch, with a symbolic name Novoye Vremya (New Time in English). On the web, it’s In the position of Deputy Editor of the web, I do my best to develop into the most influential, impartial and most admired media in Ukraine. Despite tough competition in news media segment, in two years we have managed to get into top-10 Ukrainian news websites.

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